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In 18 things that people highly creative don’t do like the rest of people (*) Carolyn Gregoire (2014) explores the nature of creative individuals. Given the difficulty to make standard definitions, she describes 18 characteristics that creative people do different.

1. Daydreaming;

2. Observing everything;

3. Elaborating your own schedule (tailor-made);

4. Keeping some moments of loneliness for yourself;

5. Taking advantage of the problems that life brings;

6. Looking for new experiences;

7. Falling down and getting up again and again;

8. Posing big questions;

9. Observing people;

10. Taking risks;

11. Considering everything in life is an opportunity for self-expression;

12. Following your real passions;

13.  Coming out of your own mind;

14. Losing the conscious of time;

15. Being surrounded by beauty;

16. Knowing how to unite the loose ends;

17. Liking radical changes; and…

18. Finding time to meditate.

Now I wonder…aren’t we all humans creative by nature?, and if so, can we then develop further our creativity? 😉

(*) For the complete article in Spanish:

Gregoire, C. (2014, March 7). 18 cosas que las personas altamente creativas no hacen igual que el resto. El Huffington Post. Retrieved from