Language studies

¡Bienvenidos! This is a meeting place for everyone with a passion (or at least a casual interest) for the Spanish language.  Everyone is welcome, whether you’re already fluent or don’t know a single word.  Here you will find: practical lessons and examples on the use of words and expressions, articles, videos and short stories in Spanish… anything related to the use of the language and the Spanish and Latin-American culture!

Originally from Peru, I have been living in Kingston, Ontario for the last two years and a half now. Prior to that, while I was studying at Queen’s University, I had the opportunity to organize a Spanish conversation group.  Upon my return to Canada, I started tutoring Spanish in my spare time. I believe the easiest way to learn a language is in context, in a Spanish-speaking country.  If you do plan on travelling, you can maximize your experience on your next trip by learning a little Spanish beforehand! 😉

Also, whether you are interested in learning the language for travel, business, or just for fun, my advice would be to learn conversational Spanish.  Through my blog I share mini lessons, songs, pieces of literature, news and other stories related to the Spanish language.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post a line.

Gracias 🙂



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