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Really?, ¿de veras?


You can say “¿de veras?” or “¿de verdad?” to express surprise. However, to emphasize something, you could use “realmente”.

I really loved that movie / Realmente, me encantó esa película.

“Actually” and “actualmente”


Unlike what it seems, ‘actually’ does not mean ‘actualmente’; it means en realidad’ or ‘en verdad’. En español,  ‘actualmente’ means ‘currently‘. So you could say something like this:

Actualmente es verano en Norteamérica y ¡en verdad es muy caluroso!

It is currently summer in North America, and it is actually very hot!

However, keep in mind that normally, the suffix ‘ly’ can be translated into ‘mente’ in Spanish, as in: Slow – slowly, lento – lentamente; soft – softly, suave – suavemente, real – really, real/verdadero – realmente.