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“Aquellas pequeñas cosas” / “Those little things”, by Joan Manuel Serrat


Enjoy the song, following the lyrics in Spanish in the video. Below, find the translation into English.

“Those little things”

One may think/ that time and absence killed them./ But, their train/ sold a round-way ticket./
They are those little things/ that left us a time of roses/ in a corner,/ in a piece of paper/ or in a drawer.
Like a thief,/ they lie in wait for us/ behind the door./ They’ve got you so much/ at their mercy/ like dead leaves/ that the wind drags/ over there and here,/ that they smile at you sadly and/ make us cry when nobody sees us.

“De vez en cuando la vida”, Joan Manuel Serrat (lyrics and translation)


Enjoy the lyrics and translation of this song, while watching the video here!

“De vez en cuando la vida” (video w/lyrics in Spanish)


In “De vez en cuando la vida”, Joan Manuel Serrat uses personification to talk about life like a girl that is so pretty that is nice to see her. Sometimes, she would take us for a walk, have a coffee with us, or give us an elusive dream; but other times, she would just make us a joke and we would wake up without knowing what is going on… Check the whole translation in English here!