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The “war” of the Spanish language against other predominant languages


The article below reminds us that Spanish is the language of 450 millions of people all over the world and it is the second language in teaching (after English) and the second most used on the Internet.  Also, Spanish is the obligatory foreign language studied in Brazil (about 200 millions of inhabitants) and its use is spreading all over the United States.

In the book «El español en las relaciones internacionales» (“The Spanish language in the international relashions), by the diplomatic and writer Javier Rupérez and David F. Vitores, Phd in Linguistics and Literature, it is mentioned that English and French are the languages used in international forums, while the Spanish remains as a “translated language.” However, according to Rupérez, who was the former Ambassador of Spain in the United States, that situation could change if there were a significant increase of native Spanish speakers, which could likely happen in the United States.  In the same sense, Humberto López Morales, the Secretary-General of the Spanish Language Academies’ Association since 1994 and academician of the Language Academy of Puerto Rico, assured on his book “La andadura del español en el mundo  (“The journey of the Spanish in the world”) that in 2050 the Spanish will be the language most spoken in the United States, even above the English.

While I do not like the idea of a fight among predominance of languages, the truth is the facts demonstrate that the use of Spanish is increasing, either for business, tourism or international development work.  Only time will say if the use of languages in international forums will change in order to be more functional and reflect the actual usage of the language.  In the meantime, let’s keep practicing our Spanish with this article: “La “guerra” del español contra otros idiomas predominantes” by Javier Parra.

Retrieved in: http://www.practicaespanol.com (September 23, 2012).


El español ha sido el segundo idioma más hablado durante los Juegos Olímpicos.


Spanish has been the second language most spoken during the Olympic games

According to the article below, during the last 2012 London Olympics, there were more than 10,000 athletes speaking up to 62 languages.  The ranking of the most used languages during the Olympics goes this way: 1) English (official language of 42 participant nations); 2) Spanish (official language of 28 States); and 3) French (official language of 25 States).  However, French is the official language used during all the ceremonies, and it is translated into English.

Another thing worth to mention is that during these last games several next-generation digital appliances and social networks  were used.  The most used tool has been the online-dictionary, which has made possible that the athletes can communicate in any language.

Enjoy your Spanish reading practice with this short article:

El español ha sido el segundo idioma más hablado durante los Juegos Olímpicos.